Vaccinations by your vet

* We cannot accept your pet without these!


  1. Rabies
  2. DHLP
  3. Bordatella (which helps prevent kennel cough for your camper) AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR VISIT!


  1. Proof of Rabies and Distemper Shots
  2. Feline Leukemia is recommended, but not required

food & medicine


If your pet has a special diet please provide food.


Please document the dosage (how much and how often) so we can keep your camper feeling good.


We have all the toys, bowls, and bedding you could need but if your pet has a favorite thing we would be happy to keep it with them.

When you bring your camper for their first stay you will need to fill out our client information sheet. If you would like to do it prior to your arrival, click here to download and print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my pet have to be a certain age to board?

A. Puppies and Kittens must be at least 13 weeks old and have had at least 2 sets of shots.

Q. How early should I have their shots before I board them?

A. We recomend at least 10 days for all shots to take effect -- ESPECIALLY Bordatella!!

Q. What shots do my pets need?

A. All pets boarded with us need up-to-date shots. For dogs, this includes Rabies, DHLP and Bordetella vaccinations. Cats must have Rabies Feline Lukemia is sugested. You must bring in proof of these vaccinations.

Q. How does Camp Schultz Kennel prevent fleas and ticks?

A. Any pet arriving with fleas / ticks will be bathed and dipped at the owners expense. We adhere to strict cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of pests to include monthly treatments of our grounds and kennels areas.

Q. Can my pet be bathed or groomed before I pickup?

A. We offer baths, dips, nail clipping and grooming. Grooming appointments are limited so book early.

Q. What type of food will my pet receive while at Camp Schultz?

A. Dogs and Cats are fed Pedigree or Purina Pro Plan pet food.

Q. Can I bring my own food for my pet?

A. We encourage you to use food that is best for your pet! If your pet has a sensitive stomach bring your own -- they will already be a little stressed and a change of food can increase this. There is no extra charge for giving your pet a "Special Diet".

Q. Do you administer medication?

A. Yes. Just bring the medication(s) with you and give us instructions. There is an extra charge of $1.00.

Q. How early do I need to make holiday reservations?

A. Over the holidays we do fill up, so please do this as soon as possible.